Conn saxophone dating

Model: start # end # worcester: 1 (1888) 3,200 (1898) wonder improved: unknown (1895) 41,000 (1917) new invention: 16,000 (1910) 23,000 (1912) new wonder series i: 41,000. Founded in 1875, by colonel charles gerard conn, the conn company has been associated with brass and woodwind instruments. In 1888 conn made the first us built saxophone, designed by eduard a lefe/bre, and added saxophone models to its wonder line, including soprano, alto, tenor and baritone born in 1834 in france, lefe/bre was a clarinet virtuoso in his native country before his 20th birthday, and upon meeting adolphe sax fell in love with the saxophone and soon.

Between 1920 and 1947, all professional-grade saxophones manufactured by cg conn had rolled toneholes in the early 1930s, conn developed a unique type of saxophone pad called conn res-o-pads, which were specifically designed for use on saxophones with rolled toneholes. This page contains a list of conn serial numbers for brass instruments that includes cornets, trumpets, horns, trombones, euphoniums and basses this list is not correct for conn saxophones (see conn woodwind serial numbers) or conn bugles (see pan american brass serial numbers.

Vintage saxophone value guide when i set out to prepare a reference guide for pricing vintage horns, i did so with the clear understanding that it’s not a perfect world, and that the preparation of a perfect value guide would be impossible.

Conn saxophone serial number list years and serial numbers are approximate, pictures all models, thanks pete, and to all contributers. Cg conn ltd, sometimes called conn instruments or commonly just conn, was an american manufacturer of musical instrument incorporated in 1915 it bought the production facilities owned by charles gerard conn, a major figure in early manufacture of brasswinds and saxophones in the usa its early business was based primarily on brass instruments, which were manufactured in elkhart, indiana. Saxophoneorg - created by saxophone players for saxophone players features an active saxophone forum, buy sell trade your sax, saxophone museum, sax teachers and more.

Buescher, conn, martin, king & selmer serial numbers there are quite a few saxophone serial number charts on the internet, these ones have mostly been adapted from existing manufacturers’ and saxophone enthusiasts’ charts.

View the manufacturing date ranges on serial numbers for many of our legendary brands.

Conn saxophone dating
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